Wrestling Match, Dec 21 2015

Naked wrestling, leg-spread victory

Naked leg-spread victory hold

It had been a long time since our last matchup due to a lot of uncontrollable issues, and we knew we had to get a match done before Christmas arrived (along with the influx of relatives that would make it impossible to get much alone time).  As luck would have it we were both able to organise Monday as our last working day before our holiday breaks, so we locked in a late night challenge!

I had won the last two matches, and was looking to extend my streak, while of course WrestlerGuy was looking to arrest my momentum.  With my spectacular naked facesit win and the nudity of the last match, one of our “fans” requested a particular style of match that we thought sounded like fun.  Basically, rather than a facesit pin or something like that, this match was about humiliating our opponent by exposing them right in front of the camera!  That is, for me to win I’d have to trap WrestlerGuy in a hold with his erection exposed to the camera for a three count, or for him to win he’d have to put my pussy on show for the same period of time.  Lots at stake given we both knew all too well that it would go onto the blog!

We got home after work and had a couple of drinks to celebrate the holidays, as well as some snacks.  After that neither of us were particularly keen to go out and fight the Christmas shoppers to get some new outfits.  Fortunately we had more than enough baby oil, and both of us just picked from our existing supply of potential outfits.

WrestlerGuy went for what’s fast becoming his “standard” attire, recycling his tight grey undershorts from a previous match.  I found some novelty Christmas lingerie from last year (red g-string with a fluffy white tuft, along with a matching bra), which I thought would work perfectly :-)

We suited up and met in our wrestling room, on our usual mattress with the plastic cover wrapped over it.  The oil-ups were quite erotic as it’s been a while since we’d done wrestling of any sort.  Plenty of slippery fluid was getting dumped over bare flesh, with lot of groping as we rubbed it in enthusiastically.  After a quick make-out session we were ready to go at it!

We employed a modified version of our traditional starting position, this time with our oily bodies pushing together, hands grabbing each other’s ass, crotches pushed together and lips pushed together, then we were both on the attack.  We “fought” in that position for maybe a minute before he used his strength advantage to force me onto my back.  He was definitely pushing hard and I knew I’d have to be in top form to get the win.

He got the straddle and immediately went for a facesit, pushing his covered crotch roughly onto my face, which was embarrassing but we both knew he couldn’t win the match this way.  I grabbed his ass and managed to shove him off over my head, but from the state of his erection I knew if I could expose him for the win it would be quite a victory image!

We squared off again and the impracticality of my novelty outfit as serious wrestling attire became apparent.  Both my boobs had spilled free from the cups, but there was no time to address that as we were right back at it.  At one stage he had hold of my oily breasts from behind in a modified bearhug while grinding his erection on my ass, so he was clearly on the offensive!

I managed to get out of that and did get some offence of my own on, but WrestlerGuy was able to rip my bra off without too much effort.  I got him in a breast-smother/body-scissor and might even have been able to pull of a submission in this position, but again that wouldn’t have gotten me the win.

WrestlerGuy was eventually able to wriggle out of that position, and by then my g-string was half hanging off and I was acutely aware of the need to even the score on the clothing front!  I lunged forwards for a takedown, wrapping my arms around his legs, but he was able to push my upper body down and get me face-down in a headscissor (groan, that did NOT go well!).  I kicked my legs but he was easily able to reach down to grab my g-string, ripping it off entirely!  I was side-on to the camera, but now completely naked and my heart was pounding at the prospect of a loss!  Being so concerned with keeping my legs away from the direction of the camera it took me by surprise when he wrapped part of my torn g-string around one wrist and it was too late when I started to pull away – he wrapped it around and around and suddenly I had my hands tied behind my back with my own g-string!

I fought as much as I could but once I was trapped like that WrestlerGuy was able to roll me onto my back with my legs pointing towards our tri-pod.  I kept them together for a short period of time, but he was soon able to lift my legs up and spread them wide, and I felt my face turning red as he put my pussy completely on show for the camera!!  After a slow three count and much gloating, he got the win and broke my streak.

True to our agreement I had to upload the winning position to the blog, which is now immortalised in humiliating fashion above!

Ugh, rematch I say, this result must be corrected!!

– WrestlerGirl

P.S. Merry Christmas to all our fans!