Wrestling Match, Feb 14 2015

Guy wins via naked facesit

Guy wins via naked facesit

Valentine’s Day was upon us, and we’ve built up a tradition where we always have a match to celebrate the day. The results have very much been going my way with the taped matches lately, delivering humiliating naked facesit pins in each of the last two matches, and doing plenty of taunting since then ;-) Obviously the stakes are pretty high with our matches now, and being Valentine’s Day there was a further sexy element playing a part.

We did our usual shopping trip the morning of the match and picked out outfits for each other, going with a red theme for the day.  After a lot of shopping around WrestlerGuy chose me a small red g-string and a matching strapless bra top (hmmm, strapless, I wonder if he planned on THAT staying in place long…), and I got him a red men’s thong so not a lot of coverage!

After an early dinner together we split a bottle of champagne, and opened a second as we separated to get suited up.  We met up in the wrestling room and checked out each other’s outfits, both nicely satisfied with our choices.  After a quick discussion we agreed that it would only be possible to win via facesit pin, and I was looking forward to yet more bragging rights!

There was a long slow oil-up as we got each other all slippery, with a lot of tension in the air.  Dripping with oil we met in the middle, getting into a nice starting position with my chest pushing up against his, his (barely) covered erection sliding in under my crotch and both of us grabbing our opponent’s oily ass.

After a lot of “adjusting” we finally got the match under way, rubbing together and trying to take each other down.  WrestlerGuy got me on my back early and went straight for my strapless top, pulling it halfway down to my waist and immediately exposing my oily breasts!  I was able to use his distraction to wriggle out from under him though and we both squared off again.

I was able to get my top partially in place but he again pulled it straight down and after a few minutes of tussling I gave up on it and pulled it over my head, tossing it into the corner and fighting on topless.  He didn’t seem to mind and we spent the next several minutes rolling around and groping, both looking for an advantage.

Eventually I worked an oily breast smother on, but there was no option to get the pin that way given our facesit-only rules, though I still took the opportunity to have fun with it ;-)  We simultaneously went for each other’s outfit and after a scramble we had both stripped each other and were going to finish the match completely naked.  With our rules it was now guaranteed to be a big finish!

I felt like my cardio was holding out much better than his, and it was impossible not to notice WrestlerGuy’s rock hard erection spearing into me as we both attacked.  Whether it was his pride after the two previous losses, or just desperately wanting to facesit me, he definitely started to get the better of our exchanges.

I slithered out of a few bad spots, but eventually he worked me into the corner and took me down onto my back.  I was in serious trouble as WrestlerGuy straddled me, then to make matters worse he pulled my legs under his arms into a folding pin!  He got his knees over my shoulders and it was all but over, with my arms flailing helplessly and his bare crotch rubbing all over my face.  After another mini battle, he was able to work his erection deep between my lips, finishing me off with a humiliating dick-in-mouth pin!

Wow, that didn’t go to plan for me at ALL, and suddenly all my bragging rights were transferred to Wrestlerguy, damn it!  He kept the position on for another couple of minutes until he got his Valentine’s Day “present”, and being the very good sport that I am I’ve posted a screen cap from the final pin above.

Things will be very different next time around, I assure you!

– WrestlerGirl

Wrestling Match, December 24 2014

Humiliating mixed wrestling facesit pin

Humiliating mixed wrestling facesit pin

Our previous “formal” match was a back and forth encounter, where I was stripped nude during the tussle, a stunt that completely backfired on WrestlerGuy as I took control and spectacularly finished him off with a naked forward facesit!

I’ve gotten a lot of bragging rights from my big finisher but now the stakes have been irrevocably raised and whoever loses is going to be in for a bad night! We’d had some informal matches since the last one, but have finally dragged the video camera back out, just in time for Christmas :-) I decided to wrestle in red lace slingshot lingerie that I bought off the internet a while ago, and WrestlerGuy went with his tight grey boxer-briefs again. While he was setting up the camera and the oil I got dressed and smirked at how flimsy the outfit was and how deeply unlikely it was to last through the match!

I walked into the room and WrestlerGuy’s eyes nearly popped out of his head! It wasn’t long before we were rubbing oil all over each other and he was especially attentive in making sure every inch of me was covered!

After the formalities we were quickly at it and slipping and sliding over one another. My ridiculous lacey slingshot kept sliding off my nipples and it became a constant struggle to keep it in place at all! Not that he seemed to mind…

WrestleGuy spent a lot of the early stages wrapping his arms around me and grabbing my oily ass, trying to take me down that way, or intentionally pulling my slingshot out of place. I went for his outfit in retaliation, getting it down to his knees on a couple of occasions, but he was able to save it just in time!

We went back and forth with some near falls, him nearly getting a forward facesit pin and me close to locking in a headscissor a couple of times. My outfit was becoming a real pain, constantly sliding off my shoulders with my boobs basically uncovered since the first minute! Eventually WrestlerGuy just shredded the flimsy lace (hopelessly ruining yet another outfit!) and I had to wrestle the remainder of the match totally naked.

He was distracted a bit (a lot) with his hands on my ass again and his erection pushing repeatedly against my bare crotch. I still had my mind on the job however and was able to get him down onto his back, using the momentum to slide on top of him. Moving fast I was up into a nude facesit pin, with WrestlerGuy’s legs flailing and his grip on my elbow trying to drag me off to my right (screen cap above). I was able to stay perched on top however, my bare pussy right on his mouth as I finished the pin count and claimed another humiliating victory!

For the second match in a row I’ve gotten the naked facesit pin and have alllll the bragging rights at the moment! It’s all one-way traffic with the results and that doesn’t look like changing any time soon ;-)

– WrestlerGirl

Wrestling Match, August 24 2014

Naked facesit pin

My little winning streak was cut short last match, when I was about to take the win with a scissor, but instead ended up stripped naked and pinned via reverse facesit!

The stakes have steadily been raised and we know that whoever loses is not going to forget it any time soon!  We decided to have our latest match late night on Saturday (actually about 1am Sunday morning) and went out that afternoon looking for some baby oil and an outfit. Wrestlerguy decided to use his tight grey shorts from a previous matchup, and after much debate I got a cute stretch-lace top and matching g-string in a pale pink colour, in the back of mind thinking it would be a shame to destroy it.

We got suited up a little before 1am and I admired my lacey number in the mirror.  Meeting in our “wrestling room” the mattress and a couple of bottles of oil were already waiting for us.  We started oiling each other up, and given my top was already partially see-through when it was dry, it didn’t take long for my nipples to become clearly visible!  We spend a lot time making sure we were both very slippery, and went over the rules one last time before going at it.

There was the usual “feeling out” period at the start where we were grabbing each other all over, looking for an advantage.  Several minutes into the match WrestlerGuy was tucked in behind me, with my ass sliding all over he crotch.  His arms wrapped around me and he was grabbing my boobs, then got hold of my top with both hands.  I let out a futile “nooo!” but he was easily able to tear it in half down the middle, ruining it completely as well as exposing my oily breasts!

We separated and I mock-glared at WrestlerGuy, pulling off the tattered remains of my top and throwing it in his face.  I followed up while he was distracted, getting him down as he tossed my top away. Keeping up the momentum I had my oily boobs all over his face, going for a breast smother pin, but he was able to wriggle out of it before I completed the count.

The next several minutes were back and forth as we rolled over one another, groping and grabbing and wearing each other down.  Late in the match I was trying to scramble away on my hands and knees, and he didn’t hesitate in grabbing the sides of my g-string and roughly yanking it down my legs while I protested!  I was stripped completely nude again, and felt myself going red as I got back to my knees to see him swinging my g-string above his head!

Moving fast I went in for the takedown again and was able to slither on top, eventually working my way up his body.  I locked on the facesit, rubbing my bare crotch all over his face while he spluttered and I gasped!  I started the count and he bridged up and shoved on my ass, but I was eventually able to finish him off via naked facesit pin (see the screen cap above)!!

I stayed perched right on his mouth as I giggled down at him and flexed a little, rubbing in my victory thoroughly. He may have stripped me naked, but it completely backfired and I was able to finish him off with the humiliating pin, securing a whole bunch of bragging rights!

– WrestlerGirl

Wrestling Match, June 21 2014


It’s been a long while since the blog was updated, so apologies for that! Our previous match involved WrestlerGuy ripping my top off, then having that completely backfire, with him getting pinned while taking a faceful of my oily breasts ;-)

A lot of oil has passed under the bridge since then, and so it was that we found ourselves lining up for a match late on Saturday night. We went out in the afternoon to pick up some supplies, as well as new outfits. Wrestlerguy was in dark blue briefs, and I went with tradition, buying a hot-pink g-string, and a strappy white time that underwent some alterations via a pair of scissors.

We decided to go with our favourite rules, which is where the winner can only be decided by facesit pin (forward or reverse) or breast smother pin. Either way, the loser was going to lose big, and irrefutable bragging rights would be secured for the winner until our next matchup! We also had the option to call for a break for re-oiling, which would be handy once we were getting tired, and also to keep things slippery and spicy!

We faced off at the start of our match and smirked in our outfits, with my top barely covering anything, and his briefs not hiding the fact that he was already “excited” about what was to come. We went through our customary pre-match oiling, rubbing it very thoroughly into each other’s bodies, and WrestlerGuy especially kept pulling my top up and working the oil into my breasts! After going over the rules one final time we were ready to go at it!

The match started on our knees and both of us were trying to get on top early. I eventually got on top and into a good position, but he grabbed my oily ass with both hands and was able to reverse us. I returned the favour, giving him a small wedgie and grabbing his oily ass cheeks. He was thrusting his covered dick against my crotch and eventually we had to separate before things got too carried away.

We came together again and I went for his briefs, tugging one side down, but he saved his outfit before I could do more damage. He slid around behind me a little later and I was grinding my barely-covered ass against his erection, which was severely tenting his briefs. He had his arms around me from behind and was grabbing my boobs, trying a modified bearhug. I was holding out okay but then he got a solid grip on the middle of my top, yanking down and ripping it beyond repair as my oily breasts spilled free! My top was now just some shredded strings tangled around my waist, and my g-string was also badly stretched out of shape and twisted around. WrestlerGuy had two hands full of my boobs and craftily called a break for re-oiling!

I had to smirk at him calling for the break, knowing that I barely had anything left of my outfit. He took full advantage during the re-oiling, making sure he slowly got his hands all over my ass, thighs and now bare breasts. I retaliated though, spending a lot of time around his rock hard erection, even though it was mostly through his briefs.

We came back together, both worn down and very turned-on, and knew that the winner would be decided soon. I worked into a good position eventually, facing him and getting him down in front of me, sort-of on all fours. I slid forwards on top of him, taking the opportunity to spank his ass, and trying to get him into a head scissor (similar to the head scissor finish I pulled off in one of the earlier blog entries).

I nearly had the scissor in place, but then WrestlerGuy played dirty! He stretched his hand up through my scissor and managed to grab a handful of the back of my g-string! Through the sound of me squealing “Hey! No!!” (apologies to the neighbours), he yanked my g-string and the remains of my top down my ass and eventually down off my ankles!

Suddenly I was completely naked, and as I desperately tried to save my outfit I forgot entirely about going for the scissor hold. WrestlerGuy tipped me onto my back in the process and things went from back to worse, as he slid forwards into a reverse facesit! He had his partially-covered ass on my face, and his hands on my bare breasts as he held me down for the three-count and the victory!

Whoa, I didn’t see that coming at all, and things went from very good to very bad in the blink of an eye! It was a dirty move from WrestlerGuy, but one that I have to admit was within our rules. To prove again what a good sport I am I’ve include a sequence of screen caps with my near-scissor and his strip move and reversal. So close to the win, but yet so far!

Finishing the match being stripped completely naked and taking a reverse facesit wasn’t exactly my plan, and WrestlerGuy now has the bragging rights – until next time!

– WrestlerGirl


Wrestling Match, January 12 2014



We’ve been back and forth the last couple of matches, with neither of us able to work up a real winning streak, so obviously this is going to have to change and I’m going to have to start piling on some wins!  The last match ended pretty badly for me, having to submit with a faceful of WrestlerGuy’s crotch, and my oily ass in the air getting spanked and groped – not exactly my finest moment…

History doesn’t play much of a part when it comes to mixed oil wrestling however, and I was determined to set things right and get back into the ‘W’ column on Sunday night.  We went away from the submissions style we’d been using for the last couple of outings, and back to an erotic-pin based style.  Basically in order to win, we would have to either pin our opponent via facesit, or I could also win by getting his shoulders down and my oily breasts in his face for a three count.

Outfit-wise we recycled WrestlerGuy’s grey briefs from the last match, and I went with a tiny red g-string and a strappy white top (trimmed with scissors so that it only covered the absolute essentials!).

As usual we left the match to late in the evening, with plenty of lead up and a long slow session of oiling each other up.  We were both very slippery and both very excited by the time we got to the match, and to top it off we “reminded” ourselves what each of the winning options were, slowly demonstrating them on each other so everything was clear (not just to get wildly turned on, obviously!).

The match started on our knees and we quickly had a grip on each other’s oily ass as we looked for a takedown.  Eventually we were down and slithering over one another, looking for opportunities to attack.  There was plenty of grabbing and spanking and a number of pin attempts as we rolled around, but with all the oil it’s obviously pretty hard to keep your opponent in one place without them wriggling free!

We were both having a great time, with our outfits hanging in there (sort of), and stopped at about the 15 minute mark to re-oil one another and drag things out even more (and maybe to make it a little more erotic!).  We were back into it and trying to pin each other again, with oil flicking everywhere.  Both of us were starting to wear down, so the pins were getting closer to the three count.

Eventually the tension was getting out of hand and WrestlerGuy went for my top, shredding it completely!  I have to admit that’s a bit of a turn-on, but as my top came away I was first to focus back on the job!  He tumbled back with the momentum and was awkwardly positioned, half off the mattress.  I took the opportunity to attack and slithered on top of him, shoving my oily boobs right in his face as I pushed his shoulders down against the floor.  He still had bits of my shredded top in his hands as I finished off the pin, taking the huge win while he was forced to take a big faceful of my bare breasts ;-)

As usual, there’s a screen capture above showing my moment of glory, and WrestlerGuy’s winning streak has been stopped at one!

– WrestlerGirl