Wrestling Match, January 12 2014



We’ve been back and forth the last couple of matches, with neither of us able to work up a real winning streak, so obviously this is going to have to change and I’m going to have to start piling on some wins!  The last match ended pretty badly for me, having to submit with a faceful of WrestlerGuy’s crotch, and my oily ass in the air getting spanked and groped – not exactly my finest moment…

History doesn’t play much of a part when it comes to mixed oil wrestling however, and I was determined to set things right and get back into the ‘W’ column on Sunday night.  We went away from the submissions style we’d been using for the last couple of outings, and back to an erotic-pin based style.  Basically in order to win, we would have to either pin our opponent via facesit, or I could also win by getting his shoulders down and my oily breasts in his face for a three count.

Outfit-wise we recycled WrestlerGuy’s grey briefs from the last match, and I went with a tiny red g-string and a strappy white top (trimmed with scissors so that it only covered the absolute essentials!).

As usual we left the match to late in the evening, with plenty of lead up and a long slow session of oiling each other up.  We were both very slippery and both very excited by the time we got to the match, and to top it off we “reminded” ourselves what each of the winning options were, slowly demonstrating them on each other so everything was clear (not just to get wildly turned on, obviously!).

The match started on our knees and we quickly had a grip on each other’s oily ass as we looked for a takedown.  Eventually we were down and slithering over one another, looking for opportunities to attack.  There was plenty of grabbing and spanking and a number of pin attempts as we rolled around, but with all the oil it’s obviously pretty hard to keep your opponent in one place without them wriggling free!

We were both having a great time, with our outfits hanging in there (sort of), and stopped at about the 15 minute mark to re-oil one another and drag things out even more (and maybe to make it a little more erotic!).  We were back into it and trying to pin each other again, with oil flicking everywhere.  Both of us were starting to wear down, so the pins were getting closer to the three count.

Eventually the tension was getting out of hand and WrestlerGuy went for my top, shredding it completely!  I have to admit that’s a bit of a turn-on, but as my top came away I was first to focus back on the job!  He tumbled back with the momentum and was awkwardly positioned, half off the mattress.  I took the opportunity to attack and slithered on top of him, shoving my oily boobs right in his face as I pushed his shoulders down against the floor.  He still had bits of my shredded top in his hands as I finished off the pin, taking the huge win while he was forced to take a big faceful of my bare breasts ;-)

As usual, there’s a screen capture above showing my moment of glory, and WrestlerGuy’s winning streak has been stopped at one!

- WrestlerGirl

Wrestling Match, December 13 2013

Mixed oil wrestling submission

Embarrassing loss for WrestlerGirl

Normal service was resumed in our last encounter, with me taking control and finishing the match with a very skilled reverse headscissor.  I still remember the feel of WrestlerGuy tapping out on my leg as he ran out of options ;-)  If that’s not enough I have the whole thing recorded and a nice screen capture up on the blog.

We were wanting to get another match in before Christmas if possible, then when the ominous date of Friday the 13th popped up on the calendar it seemed only fitting!  Outfits were organised the night before, with my traditional pink g-string/white strappy top ensemble surviving unscathed (well, sorta) from our previous match so that’s what I went with.  I chose grey briefs for WrestlerGuy and after a quick oil check (there was plenty!), we were ready to go at it the following night.

On the Friday we went out for dinner, but we both knew what was on the cards right after!  We split a bottle of wine (then another one) and quietly discussed the rules we were going to use.  We both enjoyed the submissions match from last time, so thought we’d give that another shot.  There’s an overtone of not wanting to hurt each other, but the person has to be genuinely trapped and forced to submit – not easy when we’re coated in baby oil!

The taxi ride back was a little impatient, but at least we already had things set up and ready to go.  Retiring to our different “dressing rooms” (him in the bedroom, me in the bathroom) we got ready and suited up in our wrestling attire.  We met in the wrestling room and got straight down to oiling each other up.  Plenty of slippery fluid was coating us and we made sure every inch of skin was covered, before facing off on our knees.  My top was see-through from the oil and a little damaged from the last match, but hanging in there!

The start of the match went more or less as expected, with lots of oily rubbing and groping as we worked towards some submission attempts.  There were some attempts to strip each other, and my nipples were regularly escaping from my top (new outfit next time!).  I tried to use that fact to my advantage and went for a couple of oily breast smothers, but was unable to keep him under control.  It was looking bad for me at one point, when WrestlerGuy had me trapped on the edge on the mat from behind.  He had a combo rear naked choke/breast grab going on, but with my barely-covered ass rubbing against his crotch it was very hard for him to concentrate, and with some persuasion I was eventually able to wriggle free ;-)

We were around 20 minutes into the match and I was starting to get on top (literally and figuratively).  I was inching up his body, facing his legs and working towards a reverse facesit, planning on adding a combo hold.  He had his hands all over my oily ass, trying to hold me off, but I had all the momentum.  I continued to back up, getting my ass very close to WrestlerGuy’s face when he pulled a dastardly move, swinging his legs up and hooking them behind my shoulders and neck!  He dragged me down on top of him, into a 69-position, and was able to lock in a figure-four headscissor!

WrestleGuy hooked his right ankle behind his left knee and was pulling my face firmly into his crotch!  To add to the humiliating position, my oily ass was in the air on show in front of his face, and I was helpless!  He rubbed and groped at my ass and crotch, spanked me and repeatedly pulled my g-string down, and all I could do was struggle helplessly.  After an extended period I knew I was done-for and slowly, reluctantly tapped out on his hip, giving WrestleGuy the match in embarrassing fashion and a a large measure of revenge to him, boo!

To prove I’m a very good sport, I’ve included the screen capture above.  Trapped with a faceful of crotch with my opponent getting a handful of my ass!  There will be consequences and repercussions next time around!

- WrestlerGirl

Wrestling Match, November 04 2013

WrestlerGuy tapping out to my awesome headscissor

After my narrow and heroic defeat in the last match I’ve been wanting to get back into the oil and show WrestlerGuy who really runs the show around here!  We decided on a Monday night match to coincide with some other events, so we spent much of the weekend talking trash, picking the right outfits and generally trying to wind each other up as much as possible.  I was able to get a nice version of my “traditional” outfit – a pink g-string and a white cutoff strappy top, so I was quite pleased.  I ended up choosing a thong for WrestlerGuy as well, which is certainly not standard for him, but did make things interesting!

We changed up our rules slightly for this one, and instead of focussing on facesit pins, this match was going to be submissions only.  We’ve done a couple of these before, and the key is not getting too carried away, and remembering that neither of us is really trying to hurt the other (though it has to be a genuine submission, not some play-acted hold where one of us just “pretends” to be trapped).  In addition, we agreed on a liberal coating of baby oil to keep things slippery and sexy, as well as draw out the match by making it very hard to keep a submission hold in place.As usual there was a long build-up period, though when it came time to the applying the oil we both knew that more oil on our opponent would be a disadvantage, making it harder to submit them.  WrestlerGuy only oiled me a little, then I reciprocated, going light on him, until we both insisted in the interest of fairness to make sure we were both covered.  We ended up in an embrace, with me holding an upturned body of oil above us, letting the warm fluid cascade down into my cleavage and his chest, smushing our bodies together while it gushed everywhere.  Suffice to say we were probably more oily than ever by the time the match started!

We started straight away, and I was grabbing his ass a lot given his skimpy outfit, and he responded in kind.  There were a lot of attempts to shove our opponent’s thong down towards their knees, but they were only temporarily successful.  There were various headlock and “choke” attempts, but with all the oil neither of us was able to get much of a hold on for long.  My top was under a lot of pressure early, and pretty soon WrestlerGuy got a good grip of it and tore it off me completely (I’ve got to start buying less flimsy tops)!  I was doomed to wrestle the remainder of the match in just a tiny pink g-string, but had to try to stay focussed (as did my somewhat distracted opponent!).

Later in the match I got WrestlerGuy down and went for a tight breast smother, but after a couple of minutes in varying positions with me rubbing my oily boobs all over his face it was clearly not going to force a submission ;-)  Around the 20 minute mark we started to get closer to a submission, with both of us wearing down from the intense battle.  There we some scissor attempts from me, some headlocks from him, and multiple facesit attempts, but we were each able to wriggle out before getting trapped too badly.

Breathing hard, it was almost 30 minutes into the match when I trapped him in a very tough position.  He was face-down on the mattress and I was on top of his back in a head-to-toe position.  I shoved his thong down past his knees and delivered a spanking, able to distract him for long enough to get my thighs either side of his head.  He groaned and protested, but got my ankles locked and squeezed my thighs hard onto his head!  He held out for a long while, but I kept up the squeeze (and the spanking) and eventually I let out a loud “yessss!” as I felt him tapping out weakly on my right thigh, giving me the big win!!

Check out the screen capture above, with WrestleGuy caught tapping out, preserved forever for posterity, as well as my ass glistening with oil ;-)

The correct order of things has been restored!

- WrestlerGirl

Wrestling Match, September 13 2013

It had been a long while since our last match and I had worked up a nice little winning streak ;-) A faceful of my crotch and a faceful of my ass was all that WrestlerGuy had to show for our two blog matches so far, and I’d been reminding him at every opportunity!

We were back in action on Friday night (Friday the 13th!), following a stop at the nearby shopping centre to pick up outfits, baby oil and a couple of bottles of champagne. WrestlerGuy went for tight grey undershorts, and when I was unable to buy my traditional style I ended up with a sheer lace red top and match red “cheeky” booty shorts. It’s a little more than I usually wear for our matches but it was a cute outfit :-)

We got suited up early and strutted about the house like that for a while, building the tension and trash talking one another. Once we were suitably innebriated and the tension had been building for some time we headed off to the wrestling room. There was a long oiling-up period (we learned our lesson from the last match, where we were left with less oil that we’d have liked!) and a small champagne spill, but we soldiered on like true warriors!

After a lot of hands-on oiling we were ready to go at it. The basic rule for this match is that the winner could only be decided by facesit pin, especially as WrestlerGuy wanted some revenge for the last two matches. There was a lot of groping and stroking early as we tried to “feel each other out”, slipping and sliding into different positions. My top was a little loose and kept riding up around my neck, until it took too much damage and my opponent yanked it off over my head, leaving me topless and having to continue the match that way!

We had a break for a re-oiling, catching our breath with WrestlerGuy very anxious to apply oil to my bare breasts, making sure he didn’t miss a spot! We were back into the action quickly though, both going for each other’s attire, but unable to strip our opponent. I did get him down at about the twenty minute mark, applying an oily breast-smother and getting my erect nipples between his lips, but with a “facesit pins only” match I wasn’t able to finish him off!

Unfortunately for me, the oily-boobs-to-the-face trick backfired and he grabbed my ass with both hands, eventually able to roll us over, so I was on my back with him on top. He yanked my shorts down to my knees as he clamboured up my body and I knew I was in serious trouble! Eventually my arms were pinned above my head and before I knew it I was taking a faceful of his crotch! I stuggled underneath him for several seconds, but he was eventually able to finish the slow three-count, much to my chagrin! He stayed on top revelling for quite a while, and threw a muscle pose for the camera (see the screen capture). He’s just booked himself an ass-whuppin’ in the rematch, grrr!

- WrestlerGirl

Wrestling Match, July 27 2013

Mixed wrestling reverse facesit
Saturday night was the night for the rematch, nearly three weeks having passed since our last tussle. Again there was an oily element and the winner could only be decided by facesit pin. WrestlerGuy was anxious for revenge after taking a faceful of my crotch last time, and having that moment preserved on our blog for the world to see ;-)

Late that night we both got suited up and put the camera in place. Adjourning to the “wrestling” room, I had a version of my official attire, and my opponent was suited up in dark blue shorts. Our usual warmup routine took place, but due to a critical miscalculation (we’re both blaming each other), there wasn’t a huge amount of oil to go around, so we couldn’t be as liberal as we’d liked! Still, things were very hands-on and we made the best of what we had, and went through the obligatory demo of valid pins on one another.

We jumped straight into action, both grinning like idiots but trying to get the early advantage. Again WrestlerGuy’s hands seemed to be grabbing my ass for leverage wherever possible, and I was using his shorts to give me something to grip onto (though at times my grip did wander a little…).

With no further oil available there was no point breaking for re-oiling at any stage, so we just kept going at it. He was getting the best of the early action, much to my chagrin, and regularly grabbing handfuls of my ass and breasts as he worked me into a few difficult positions. At around the fourteen minute mark he made his move, clambouring on top of me after forcing me onto my back! I was in serious trouble and he worked his way up, shoving his crotch into my face. I could feel his solid erection, covered only by a thin layer of stretchy blue fabric, grinding down onto my lips as he started the count! He was getting very carried away though, and I was able to slide my hands to his ass and shove him forwards, wriggling out the back door in a nick of time!

We were both panting hard and he was badly affected after that last facesit attempt. My top was no longer covering my nipples and I took advantage, turning the tables and taking over the offence! I went for my own forward facesit, but couldn’t lock it on, though managed to scramble quicker than he could. WrestlerGuy got up to a sitting position but I was behind him, and able to grip onto his shoulders before he could make any further escape. Dragging him back down onto his back I slithered forwards and planted my ass right on his face! Quickly starting the count I had all the momentum. His hands groped at my ass cheeks as he tried to drag me off, but after I had escaped from his pin attempt in much the same way I was already expecting it. He could do nothing but take a faceful of my ass and crotch (see the screen capture above!), and as the final insult I shoved his shorts down to his knees, exposing his erection and adding some further humilation as I counted him out for another big win!

I’m 2-0 since the blog has gone up, and looking forward to more big wins! I’m surprised the clothes have stayed so intact, but after my last little stunt with his shorts it probably won’t be the case next time around!

- WrestlerGirl

Wrestling Match, July 7 2013

Facesit pinned!

We had a fun tussle on Sunday, that we both knew was going to go up on our blog.  We play around with the rules sometimes, and for this battle we agreed the following: wrestling at his place with a thorough coating of baby oil, and the only way to win is via facesit pin (slow three-count, counted by the person on top).  We’ve used these rules a number of times before and it’s always a turnon, with a lot on the line, especially as this result is going public!

On Sunday afternoon we set up the video camera and got down to it.  One spare room, a mattress with a plastic cover, two bottles of baby oil, two wrestlers, one winner!

We set things up then showered and dressed separately, meeting in the spare room in our wrestling attire.  I was wearing my “official” attire from the previous post (strappy white top and a hot pink g-string), and my noble opponent was in tight grey shorts.  There was our usual warmup routine where we got each other oiled up – this is usually a long period where we both want to be very “thorough” and not miss any spots ;-)  I got him oily first and focussed a lot on his muscular shoulders, ass, thighs and crotch, and he was already showing some signs of distraction!  On my turn WrestlerGuy had me with my head and shoulders down and my ass in the air, making sure he oiled every inch, and also making sure my top was as see-through as possible once I got back to my knees.  Letting him apply the oil so thoroughly also worked to my advantage, because by the time we started the match he was VERY carried away and I had the early advantage!

Right before the start of the match we went back over the rules, both dripping in oil as we “demonstrated” each of the pin possibilities slowly, just to make sure we had everything straight (and possibly to turn each other on some more before we started…).

After a little trash talk we dropped to our knees and were at it!  We came together and locked up at the start, with our thighs intertwined and groping each other on the ass (I had a little less coverage than he did!).  We quickly went to the mat and were rolling over one another, both looking for the advantage and grabbing at any available body parts.  There were some early outfit attacks and my top was up around my neck a lot as he focussed on my breasts.  I had his shorts halfway down to his knees a few times, but there were no definitive pins over the first ten minute round.

We had a period of re-oiling and then were back at it quite quickly.  For those who haven’t tried it before, wrestling like this is surprisingly exhausting.  Our style is quite intense and fast, and while we definitely don’t try to hurt each other, we’re both certainly trying to win and get the glory and prizes that come with it!

We fixed our outfits and were into the second round.  We were both down on energy and focussing less on defence.  Wrestlerguy trapped me in a doggy-style hold, but I was eventually able to wriggle free thanks to the oil.  My g-string was hanging off my ass and my top was up around my neck again but we were both focussed on the win!  He got on top of me and I suffered a faceful of crotch, but was able to sneak out the back door, narrowly avoiding disaster.  I got him down later in the round and managed to lock on an oily breast smother, but because we agreed to the facesit-pins-only rule I wasn’t able to get the win like that!  My nipples were pushing in and out of his lips but eventually he broke free and we separated once more.

A quick outfit adjustment and we were both panting hard at this stage.  I lunged at WrestlerGuy, playing a little dirty and pulling the front of his shorts down, grabbing his erection as I looked for some “leverage”.  Shoving him down I sensed my big chance, sliding my oily ass across his erection and straddling his waist.  Slithering up his body I was grabbing his wrists and making progress, and soon I was sitting on his upper chest!  I slid my knees over his shoulders and he was in big trouble!  Starting the count I was teetering but staying balanced on top, repeatedly shoving my crotch onto his face while his arms and legs flailed!  The count got slower and the facesit got more intense until I finally hit “Threeeeee!” and got the big win!

I stayed perched on WrestlerGuy’s face, flexing and taunting, plus doing a little thrusting.  I had the win and now he would have to pay the price ;-)

I’ve included a screen capture of the finishing pin, please let me know what you think of our battle!  We’re both already looking forward to the rematch ;-)

- WrestlerGirl